Action class public functions


Does nothing important.

virtual ~Action();
Does nothing.

void freezeState(Signal& sig);
Creates an array of signal pointers in the correct order for generating signal samples. Upstream signals generate signals first. freezeState generates an array of signal pointers which remains valid until a connection in one of the signal objects is changed.

void recursiveTick(Signal& sig, long numSamples = 1);
Will recursively tick signal stream (upstream from sig) for each new sample.

void tick(Signal& sig);
void tick(Signal& sig, long numTicks);
For first parameter type, will recursively tick a signal and its upstream signals for one sample. For the two parameter version, freezeState() will be called and then tickFrozenState() will be called for the specified number of ticks.

void tickFrozenState(long numTicks = 1);
Will generate numTicks samples from the last signal object input into the freezeState() function. (or the two-parameter version of tick() which calls freezeState).