Delayline class public functions

Additional functions inherited from Filter.

Delayline(int delay = 1);
Sets the allocation size to a power of two equal to or larger than delay. delay is the number of samples that a signal will be delayed in the object. Only takes one input at input index 0.
Does nothing.
void action(void);
Increments the delay line by one sample.
ulong getDelay(void);
Returns the delay amount.
sampleType output(void);
Returns the sample delayed by the specified delay amount.
sampleType output(int index);
Returns a sample at index distance from the write point in the delay line. For example, to get the last sample written into the delay line, the index is -1.
sampleType output(float index);
Linearly interpolates between samples. For example if the index is -0.5, then the average of the current input to the delay line and the last sample will be returned.
void setDelay(ulong delayamount);
Sets the delay amount of the delay. If delay is larger than the allocated size of the delay array, then the array will be enlarged.