Distribution class public functions

Distribution(int aSeed);
Sets the default distribution type to uniform. If no random number seed is given, then the time in seconds since the beginning of 1970 will be used.
virtual ~Distribution();
Does nothing.
int getType (void);
Returns the type of distribution being calculated. See the setType function for a list of available distributions.
void seed (int seed);
Set the random number generator to a specific state.
int setType (int newDistributionType);
Sets the distribution type. The types of distributions are:
Uniform Distribution UNIFORM 0
Linear Distribution LINEAR 1
Triangular Distribution TRIANGULAR 2
Exponential Distribution EXPONENTIAL 3
Bilateral Distribution BILATERAL 4
Gaussian Distribution GAUSSIAN 5
Cauchy Distribution CAUCHY 6
Beta Distribution BETA 7
Weibull Distribution WEIBULL 8
Poisson Distribution POISSON 9
floatType value (void);
Returns a random number according to the currently selected distribution.