Downsample class public functions

Additional functions inherited from Filter.

DownSample(int aPeriod);
Sets the new sample update to aPeriod. The next sample tick will update the upstream connections, and they will remain constant until a multiple of the sample period is reached.
Does nothing.
void action(void);
updates all upstream signals if periodCounter % period == 0.
int getPeriod(void);
Returns the period of the DownSampler.
sampleType output(int index);
Returns the value of the signal connected to the specified input channel.
void setPeriod(int aPeriod, int counter = -1);
Sets the period of the Downsampler. If counter >= 0, then the counter will be set to counter. If counter = 0, then upstream signals will be updated at the next tick. If counter = -1, then the current value of the counter will be unaffected.
void tick(int newTickNumber);
Overrides the tick() function of the Filter class. Prevents updating the upstream signals unless the period counter is a multiple of the period of the downsampler.
void trigger(int counter = 0);
Resets the downsamper counter and if counter = 0, then the next tick or action will update the upstream signals.