Impulse class public functions

Impulse(long aPeriod = 0x7fffffff, sampleType anAmplitude = 1.0);
Sets the period and amplitude of the Impulse object.
Does nothing.
Sets output to amplitude once every period, otherwise output is zero.
sampleType getAmplitude(void);
Returns the amplitude of the impulses.
long getPeriod(void);
Returns the period of samples between impulses.
sampleType output(void);
Returns the Impulse value.
void printState(void);
Prints the Impulse amplitude and period.
void setAmplitude(sampleType anAmplitude);
Sets the amplitude of the impulses.
void setPeriod(long aPeriod);
Sets the period in samples between impulses.
voidtrigger(long counterValue = 0);
resets the counter to counterValue. If counterValue is zero, then an impulse will be produced immediately.