LinuxSoundOut class public functions

Additional functions inherited from Filter.

LinuxSoundOut(int open, char* aDeviceName = "/dev/dspW");
Sets up sound to the soundcard. If open != 0, then will open a connection to the sound card using openSound().
Deletes the the device name storage area, and closes the soundcard connection if the object opend the soundcard connection automatically when it was created. Also flushes the output sound to the soundcard if there are samples in the output buffer.
void action(void);
Store inputs in an array. When array is filled send it to the soundcard.
void closeSound(void);
Close the soundcard connection.
void flushBuffer(void);
Fill in the rest of the sound out buffer with zeros and send the buffer to the soundcard.
void openSound(void);
Open the soundcard connection.
sampleType output(int index);
Echos the input connection values.