Switch class public functions

Additional functions inherited from Filter.

Switch(int switchSample);
switchSample is the sample at which time the inputs[1] will replace inputs[0] in the output() function.
Does nothing.
void action(void);
ticks the currently selected input. Other input is left dormant.
int getDurationSamples(void);
Returns the duration that the inputs[0] will be selected in output().
sampleType output(int index);
Returns inputs[0] if periodCounter is less than period, otherwise inputs[1] will be returned.
void setDurationSamples(int switchSample);
Set the sample length that inputs[0] will be active before inputs[1] will be used.
void tick(long newTickNumber);
Overrides the Filter tick() function. Will only tick the active input, (either 0 or 1).
void trigger(void);
Resets the periodCounter. inputs[0] will be read until periodCounter >= period.