WhiteNoise class public functions

WhiteNoise(sampleType aMaxAmplitude, int randomSeed = 0);
if randomSeed is 0, then srand will be called with the time() function, otherwise with randomSeed. Default amplitude is 1.
Does nothing.
void action(void);
calculates a random number between -1 and +1, multiplied by an amplitude.
sampleType getAmplitude(void);
Returns the maximum value of the white noise.
sampleType output(int channel);
Returns a random value between +/- 1 for default range. channel has no effect;
void printState(void);
prints out the value for the amplitude.
void seed(int aSeed = 0);
Seeds the random number generator. If aSeed is 0, then the current time in seconds (since 1971?) will be used.
void setAmplitude(sampleType anAmplitude);
Sets the maximum value of the white noise.