// Programmer:    Craig Stuart Sapp <craig@ccrma.stanford.edu> 
// Creation Date: Tue Jan  8 10:08:15 PST 2002
// Last Modified: Tue Jan  8 10:31:08 PST 2002
// Filename:      ...sig/doc/examples/all/createmidifile/createmidifile.cpp
// Syntax:        C++
// Description:   Demonstration of how to create a Multi-track MIDI file.

#include "MidiFile.h"

#ifndef OLDCPP
   #include <iostream>
   using namespace std;
   #include <iostream.h>

typedef unsigned char uchar;


int main(int argc, char** argv) {
   MidiFile outputfile;        // create an empty MIDI file with one track
   outputfile.absoluteTime();  // time information stored as absolute time
                               // (will be coverted to delta time when written)
   outputfile.addTrack(2);     // Add another two tracks to the MIDI file
   Array<uchar> midievent;     // temporary storage for MIDI events 
   midievent.setSize(3);       // set the size of the array to 3 bytes
   int tpq = 120;              // default value in MIDI file is 48

   // data to write to MIDI file: (60 = middle C)
   // C5 C  G G A A G-  F F  E  E  D D C-
   int melody[50]  = {72,72,79,79,81,81,79,77,77,76,76,74,74,72,-1};
   int mrhythm[50] = { 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 2, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 2,-1};

   // C3 C4 E C F C E C D B3 C4 A3 F G C-
   int bass[50] =   {48,60,64,60,65,60,64,60,62,59,60,57,53,55,48,-1};
   int brhythm[50]= { 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 2,-1};

   // store a melody line in track 1 (track 0 left empty for conductor info)
   int i=0;
   int actiontime = 0;      // temporary storage for MIDI event time
   midievent[2] = 64;       // store attack/release velocity for note command
   while (melody[i] >= 0) {
      midievent[0] = 0x90;     // store a note on command (MIDI channel 1)
      midievent[1] = melody[i];
      outputfile.addEvent(1, actiontime, midievent);
      actiontime += tpq * mrhythm[i];
      midievent[0] = 0x80;     // store a note on command (MIDI channel 1)
      outputfile.addEvent(1, actiontime, midievent);

   // store a base line in track 2
   actiontime = 0;          // reset time for beginning of file
   midievent[2] = 64;
   while (bass[i] >= 0) {
      midievent[0] = 0x90;
      midievent[1] = bass[i];
      outputfile.addEvent(2, actiontime, midievent);
      actiontime += tpq * brhythm[i];
      midievent[0] = 0x80;
      outputfile.addEvent(2, actiontime, midievent);

   outputfile.sortTracks();         // make sure data is in correct order
   outputfile.write("twinkle.mid"); // write Standard MIDI File twinkle.mid
   return 0;

/*  FUNCTIONS available in the MidiFile class:
void absoluteTime(void);
   Set the time information to absolute time.
int addEvent(int aTrack, int aTime, Array<uchar>& midiData);
   Add an event to the end of a MIDI track.
int addTrack(void);
   Add an empty track to the MIDI file.
int addTrack(int count);
   Add a number of empty tracks to the MIDI file.
void deltaTime(void);
   Set the time information to delta time.
void deleteTrack(int aTrack);
   remove a track from the MIDI file.
void erase(void);
   Empty the contents of the MIDI file, leaving one track with no data.
_MFEvent& getEvent(int aTrack, int anIndex);
   Return a MIDI event from the Track.
int getTimeState(void);
   Indicates if the timestate is TIME_STATE_ABSOLUTE or TIME_STATE_DELTA.
int getTrackState(void);
   Indicates if the tracks are being processed as multiple tracks or 
   as a single track.
int getTicksPerQuarterNote(void);
   Returns the ticks per quarter note value from the MIDI file.
int getTrackCount(void);
   Returns the number of tracks in the MIDI file.
int getNumTracks(void);
   Alias for getTrackCount();
int getNumEvents(int aTrack);
   Return the number of events present in the given track.
void joinTracks(void);
   Merge all tracks together into one track.  This function is reversable,
   unlike mergeTracks().
void mergeTracks(int aTrack1, int aTrack2);
   Combine the two tracks into a single track stored in Track1.  Track2
   is deleted.
int read(char* aFile);
   Read the contents of a MIDI file into the MidiFile class data structure
void setTicksPerQuarterNote(int ticks);
   Set the MIDI file's ticks per quarter note information
void sortTrack(Collection<_MFEvent>& trackData);
   If in absolute time, sort particular track into correct time order.
void sortTracks(void);
   If in absolute time, sort tracks into correct time order.


// md5sum: 89b83de0fbe279cccd183ef8c1583f62 createmidifile.cpp [20100703]