Sig++ example sounds

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  1. Resonator

  2. Simplest lowpass filter

  3. Allpass filtering

  4. Comb filtering

  5. Group Delay: frequency-dependent time delay

  6. Flanging

  7. Onepole filter


  1. Ring modulation

  2. Echos

  3. Weird echo

  4. Amplitude Panning

  5. Precedence Panning

  6. Amplitude and Time Panning


  1. White noise

  2. Additive synthesis

  3. Graphics to Sound conversion

  4. Karplus-Strong algorithm

  5. Fixed Sinewave

  6. Silence


  1. JND of Frequency

  2. Equal-Loudness Curves

  3. Masking

  4. Echo Experiment

  5. Minimum periods for pitch

  6. Precedence Effect

Soundfile Utilities

  1. Concatenate -- appending soundfiles together into one filesoundfiles together into one file.

  2. Collapsing soundfile channels

  3. Channel extraction

  4. Flipping channels

  5. Join Channels: Take two mono soundfile and make a stereo file from them.

  6. Soundfile mixing


  1. Frequency Envelopes

  2. Amplitude envelopes


  1. Binaural beats example: each channel of sound has exactly one frequency in it. The left channel stays constant at a constant frequency of 150 Hz, while the right channel goes from 150 Hz to 152 Hz. Notice that the two sounds start beating. Now listen only to one channel at a time, no beating is heard. The beating is being created inside the auditory cortex.
  2. Reverb example: pure comb/allpass reverberation. Probably not working properly yet. out1.wav. [source].
  3. Reverb mixed with original (direct signal). Definitely not working yet. out1.wav. out2.wav. [source].